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Can I even begin to convey how great this weekend was?

I’ll roll with bullet points because that way I can forgo all logical order. Here’s what I did:

  • Dressed up as the best dominatrix ever.
  • Got recognized, hung out with Sherlockian cosplayers, and texted “Let’s have dinner.” Often.
  • Wore stilettos and a trenchcoat (and clothes under, Sarah. By the way, I love you and your coat SO much).
  • Hung out with Kyle the King of Awesomeness and his Funtimes Brigade (names mine).
  • Almost died of exposure in rave clothes and arctic weather between the convention center and the parking garage.
  • Swore.
  • Fell in love with Adorable Jacob (semi-platonically).
  • People-watched.
  • Got watched.
  • Literally stopped a man in his tracks. Success.
  • Watched Hentai in public. Because I’m an adult.
  • Met a true gentleman (and an attractive one at that).
  • Ate a toast-eggs-bacon breakfast at 2:30 am.
  • Shopped.
  • Got stalked.
  • Discovered that my stalker and I are soul-mates (Stockholm Syndrome?) Hi Maggie!
  • Went to panels that were awesome. Laughed.
  • Hugged Doctors. A LOT of Doctors.
  • Got a gig to be River Song in Michelle & 11’s next panel.
  • Cut in line.
  • Got Rachael to dance long enough to get guys to come over. Double Success. 
  • Didn’t murder her for leaving the rave without telling me.
  • Refound said gentleman.
  • Danced with said gentleman.
  • Texted said gentleman.
  • Wore his hoodie. (Adventure Time!)
  • Slept.
  • Ate Wendy’s.
  • Drank coffee whilst driving.
  • Drove.
  • Didn’t die.
  • Holy shit, I’m so sore and tired.

Best weekend.

To Do:

  • Homework.
  • Sleep.

Hopefully in that order.

Ta for now.

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  1. checkmatey said: Stockholm Syndrome! omg dude i have a joke with my friend how i am obsessed with this.STOP FLATTERING ME :P
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